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SLIDESHOW: 20 Ways Obama and Democrats Have Betrayed the World
Barack Obama is right wing in virtually all of his policies, but because he is a Democrat and African-American, he is given a free pass by many liberals (similar to how he gets criticized by much of the right for simply being a Democrat and African-American).  Democrats who still support Obama are likely just defending a symbolic icon rather than objectively analyzing his policies.

It can be argued that the U.S. started its shift to the far right with the Ronald Reagan presidency (deregulation, trickle-down economics, war on drugs, covert wars in Latin America). The shift continued under George H.W. Bush (Persian Gulf, Panama, Clarence Thomas), Bill Clinton (welfare reform, media consolidation, NAFTA, Kosovo, Iraq sanctions) and of course George W. Bush (neo-conservatism, Iraq, Patriot Act).

Obama has preserved this shift, likely because it has become the new political norm.  Instead of fighting the move to the right, Democrats have embraced it, clearly because they see it as a way to stay in power.

Conservative, reactionary politics are expected from those Republican presidents who came before him but Obama branded himself as being different, something for which Americans were ready.  Instead, Obama and the Democrats have maintained the status quo, thus betraying Americans and the world.  And although there are many more, here are 20 ways illustrating this betrayal.
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