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The REAL threat to Americans fact sheet
The REAL threat to Americans


Gun violence - Americans being killed by Americans, at work and at home
About 400 people per year, or about 5,000 people since the 9/11 attacks, are gunned down in the place they work.  Also, on average, there are 32 gun homicides each day in the U.S. (read).

Alzheimer's Disease and the Real Threat to Americans
- Alzheimer's killed 83,308 Americans in 2010 (read).  Terrorism killed 0 Americans in 2010.
- The U.S. government spent about $0.5 billion on Alzheimer's and related dementia research in 2011 (read).  The U.S. government spends about 2,000 times that amount on military and homeland security.

Legal prescription painkillers kill an estimated 2 people every hour and send 40 more to emergency rooms with life-threatening overdoses (read).

If the government were truly concerned about the possibility of Americans getting killed, then what are they doing about the things that actually kill Americans - see above graph, plus these:
  • "An estimated 15,000 Medicare patients die each month in part because of care they receive in the hospital, says a government study" (read)
  • "Drivers distracted by talking or texting on cell phones killed an estimated 16,000 people from 2001 to 2007" (read)

Airport full-body scanners, invasive pat-downs and The REAL Threat to Americans
Americans are being told they may have to submit to either a full-body scan or invasive pat-down before boarding a flight, otherwise they will not be allowed to fly, will be fined, detained, and possible tried as a terrorist (read).  Obama stands by these controversial air security screening methods - saying body scans and pat-downs are necessary (read).
  • Two things come to mind:
1) "Terrorists" are not likely to target airplanes for an attack, given the security measures in place.  Softer targets such as airport parking garages, or baggage claim areas that have no screening methods would be more likely targets.  NASCAR races, state fairs, football stadiums, among other places would be more accessible if there were actually someone trying to kill Americans. 
2) If the U.S. were really concerned about people wanting to kill Americans here, they would stop bombing and killing people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen and Somalia.
  • The Department of Homeland Security says full-body imaging is aimed at prevention. If so, why do passengers on the 15,000 U.S. registered business aircraft escape screening? (read).  We know why, because it's a hoax - a way to keep Americans scared so they approve of endless wars, torture and the smashing of our civil liberties, all the while the Pentagon and Homeland Security budgets get inflated and a lot of rich people make even more money.  As the ACLU said, "You shouldn't have to check your rights when you check your luggage."

*Sources  (Figures based on 10 year estimates)

(1) Smoking related deaths:  443,000/year due to cigarette smoking (read) and 49,400/year due to second hand smoke (read). Note: an estimated 600,000 people worldwide die annually due to second hand smoke (read).

(2) Obesity related deaths: 300,000/year (read)

(3) Deaths from medical mistakes: 225,000/year (read)

(4) Deaths due to lack of health care: 101,000/year (read)

(5) Americans murdered by other Americans: 16,500/year (read)

(6) Drunk driving deaths: 11,773/year (read)

(7) Pedestrians killed by automobiles: 4,300/year (read)

(8) Deaths on Sept. 11 (read)
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More than gun control is needed to stop mass killing massacres in the U.S.
  • We face a barrage of fantasy violence on TV, in the movies and on video games, and our society seems to have become desensitized to brutality. 
  • Our country is the world's most violent in terms of warfare on other nations, thus violence is ingrained in our citizens as a means of conflict resolution. 
  • The military is glamorized and people who choose a career in the armed services are viewed as heroes.  Behaving like your heroes includes killing people you believe are your enemies. 
  • Individuals, particularly our youth, are cast aside by an American pop culture that ridicules those who do not look and act a certain way.  This isolates people and creates intense resentment and a need to be recognized in any way possible. 
  • Financial pressures are so severe, and rampant consumerism adds to this pressure.  Eventually, some people can't take it anymore and decide to take out others who they feel contributed to their financial demise.
Americans are regularly told to fear Muslims from the Middle East. But, with the exception of the Boston Marathon bombings, recent massacres in the U.S. have been carried out by non-Muslim U.S citizens

Chris Harper Mercer, former Army, kills 9 at Oregon community college

Dylann Roof, Charleston SC, June 2019 - 9 killed at church in racist rampage

Elliot Rodgers goes on a rampage, killing 6 in a Santa Barbara community

High school student Alex Hribal knifes 20 people outside Pittsburgh, PA

Ft. Hood shooter Ivan Lopez, Iraq war veteran

Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis was 'not happy with America,' friend says

Ryan Lanza kills 26 people, including 18 children at elementary school in CT.

Sikh Temple shooter Army veteran Wade Michael Page

Aurora massacre - James Holmes

Jared Laughner Arizona Gabrielle Giffords

New Mexico teen accused of family slaughter loved 'violent' video games, had no history of 'mental illness' (read).

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The REAL Threat to Americans
(Figures based on 10 year estimates)

(1) Smoking related deaths:  4,000,000 due to smoking (read) and 384,000 due to second hand smoke (read)
(2) Obesity related deaths (read)
(3) Deaths from medical mistakes (read)
(4) Deaths due to lack of healthcare (read)
(5) Deaths caused by drunk driving (read)
(6) Deaths by homicide (read)
(7) Deaths on Sept. 11 (read)

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The REAL threat to Americans

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